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Many people like to visit new places. And, visiting a new place mean you need nearby locations of Hotels, Bar, Restaurants, Banks, ATM, etc. To make the searching easy, PCSalt has come up with a solution. Places – Android app, for searching point of interest in a nearby location, or a remote location (could be searched or point location on Map).


1. An android device (because “Places” is an Android application)
2. Currently supported version of Android: KitKat (4.4.2) and above
3. Require Internet connection through Wi-Fi or Mobile Data packet

How to get more out of “Places” – Android app

Download the application

Navigate to the application page on Google PlayStore on Android phone/tablet. Click on the Install button.

Places on Google PlayStore
Places on Google PlayStore

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Grant permissions required by Places

After clicking Install button, it will display a list of permissions required by Places. Below is a brief description about permissions required. So, if you think you can provide the permissions required, click on Accept.
1. Identity: Required to be able to send push notifications to the devices. (However, we have never sent any push notifications)
2. Contacts: Required to added searched place contact details in Contact
3. Location: Places displays search results based on device’s current location
4. Photos/Media/Files: Required to store temporary files of Google Maps (to reload Google Maps faster for next sessions)

Grant permissions required by Places
Grant permissions required by Places

After successful installation, open app!!

On completion of installation, open Places. It may take a while before it displays anything on the screen.

Open Places app
Open Places app

So, what is happing in the background?
When Places is opened, it looks for your current location. So, it is necessary to have location services enabled, to make this process fast.
Splash screen - Places
Splash screen – Places

If location services are disabled, then the application would ask you to enable the same.
NOTE: If you choose to never give permission to access location, then the application will never show your current location. You have to pick it up using other methods like search or point location on the map.
Enable location services - Places
Enable location services – Places

Pick different location to search

If you want to search for places around a different location. Then, you could set the different location to search. To do this, click on the address shown on search screen or permission not granted message. It will provide three options
1. Point on Map
2. Search by name
3. Current Location
Choose either “Point on Map” or “Search by name” option to set the different location to search. If you choose “Point on Map” option, then click on “Done” button after pointing the location on the map.

Other options to pick location - Places
Other options to pick location – Places

Point the location on map - Places
Point the location on map – Places

Pointed location on map - Places
Pointed location on map – Places

Search location by name - Places
Search location by name – Places

Begin your search for nearby places

The screen you are presented has your current location. Now, you can start your search by typing what you are looking for. In addition with search keyword, you can provide a category of place and radius of search to enhance search result.

Select category - Places
Select category – Places

Select radius of search - Places
Select radius of search – Places

Name of place you are looking for - Places
Name of place you are looking for – Places

About search result screen

On search result screen, you will be provided with the following information (*depending on their availability).
1. Name of the place
2. Address
3. Estimated distance (by default it is in miles, could be switched to km from Settings)
4. Is it open now*
5. Rating (out of 5 stars)*
6. How expensive is that place*

Search result screen - Places
Search result screen – Places

On click of search result, you will be provided with two options:
1. Navigate to that place from the point of search, and
2. Show more details about that place.
On selection of a search result - Places
On selection of a search result – Places

About place detail screen

On detail screen, the following information will be displayed (*depending on their availability)
1. Name of place
2. Contact number*
3. Web site address*
4. Address
5. Action buttons for
– Google+ page
– Navigate
– Call*
6. Timing and open now status*

Place detail screen - Places
Place detail screen – Places

Settings screen

In Settings screen, there are two options:
– Move to SD card : If your device supports moving applications to SD card, then click on it to move Places on SD card.
– Distance Unit : Default distance unit is miles. If you want, you select km to display distance in Kilometers.

Other available options

On the home screen, we have added few options for sharing of Places – Android app.
– Rate Us: If you like the application, then rate it on Google PlayStore
– Feedback: If you have any concern (bug or feedback), then select this option to send a mail to us.
– Check for update: To check if a new version of Places is available.
– Share application: If you like the application, then share with friends and family.
– Like us on Facebook
– Follow us on Google+
– Follow us on Twitter

Other options - Places
Other options – Places

Don’t get lost. Search Nearby location around you.
In case you face any problem in the application, you can post feedback on Google PlayStore or e-mail us at places[at]